Monday, October 11, 2010

My husband, daughter and I were getting ready to leave the house yesterday when I saw her. A sad, scared poor little puppy hiding under my hubby's truck. We had let our 2 mini dachshunds out to go potty and one of them found her under there. He was sniffing around her and she seemed so timid and scared. I went up to her to see if I could get her to come out from under the truck. She seemed happy, excited and nervous all at the same time. She piddled all over the driveway, like she was happy to see me but wasn't sure what to think. I finally got her to come out from under the truck and started to assess her situation. She seems young, maybe 3 months or so old and probably at least part Collie. She still has all her baby teeth and is really furry. She felt kind of thin, so  I'm not sure how long she's been out wandering around. There is no collar on her, so I'm wondering if someone dumped her off out in the country. It looked like she had some dirt down in her fur and had some fleas. So I put our dog's flea and tick medicine on her to get rid of them. She's a bit of wary of people, but you can tell she wants to love on you. She started snuggling up to me and my husband right away.

She now has a temporary place on our deck with a kennel and blankets to sleep on and food & water to eat. She needs a bath today and I plan to call around to our local vet and animal shelter to see if anyone has reported a missing puppy. If no one claims her after a little while, we may have dog #4. But I can't just let her wander around on her own and I don't want to turn her over to the shelter. She'll also need to go to the vet for shots and I'm hoping she doesn't have any issues like distemper or heartworms.

She's such a sweet little girl and so cute that I hate to just give her up. We really need to buy a bigger house in the country with more land. :P

Meet our lil foster pup:

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