Thursday, October 7, 2010


There are nights where I brainstorm....a lot. I start thinking of new ideas, designs, products, etc. I'm mulling over the idea of adding some card/invite/announcement type items to my shop. I'm not sure how time consuming this would be, but I have several designs that I have already come up with that I think would be adorable on some cards/invites/announcements. The trick is finding card stock at a decent price. I have found a few places online where I can get it for inexpensive. I also *love* the look of cards that have rounded corners. The bad part about that is that I would either need to purchase a couple hundred dollar machine to round corners, do them individually by hand or try to find a place where I can purchase them pre-cut for a low price.

I think having a variety of items on my shop is important for the success of my shop. This gives buyers different choices of items instead of just one or 2 types of print.

Decisions, decisions....

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